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Best Male Sex Toy 2019: The Top 15 Best Male Sex Toys for Good Orgasms

Written by on January 6, 2019

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Hi guys, Nikki here to help you make the best male sex toy choice for your pleasure!

I know men only want the best, and I know exactly what gets a man off with 100% satisfaction.

In other words, I know a quality sex toy when I see it.

I also know how difficult it can be to find a good fake vagina toy that completely drains your cock - all at a fantastic price.

Horny men need help – and I'm your carnal hero with all my experience.

Have no fear, I'll take it from here.

We're sex toys I'm going to cover will 100% be the:

  • Best

  • Top

  • Men's

My Top 15 Male Sex Toys 2019

I've listed my top 15 best male sex toys that bring the best orgasms.

I've done my best to be as thorough and detailed as possible, given the fact that I've tested all of them on men myself.

Starting with number 1:

Best Male Sex Toy #1: Onyx 2 by Kiiroo and Fleshlight

best sex toy onyx2 kiiroo

I thought that the first Kiiroo Onyx was great, and I especially liked that it was designed for both solitary and couples play.

But here, is the latest male sex toy version: the Kiiroo Onyx 2!

My official best male sex toy pick for the year 2019 are the following:

  • lightweight

  • hands-free

  • silent

  • wireless

  • electric-powered

  • Comes with a patented Fleshlight™ Superskin™ sleeve

All these make it the aboslute best male sex toy.

Not only that, but you can also enjoy it with a VR headset to create a interactive, pleasurable virtual experience using a live video feed from your sex partner (if they have a Kiiroo Pearl or Onxy at their end).

You can even use it with webcam pornstars or downloadable video content.

Other features:

  • Multiple masturbation modes

  • Operates quietly (unless on high speed)

  • Can stimulate long distance relationships

2. The Titan by Kiiroo

male sex toy titan kiiroo

Kiiroo Titan looks like a Beats by Dre speaker and less like a masturbation machine and that might actually be a good if you have frequent guests over.

It is the second best male sex toy.

Since the Titan is the premier sex toy for both individuals and couples, the chances of it getting double the use is high, and the discretion of the design is a convenient advantage.

The first time I saw it, I was immediately impressed and intrigued.

However, as my ex-boyfriend became more obsessed with this hot toy, I decied to analyzed it for myself.

Put simply, it saw tons of use (especially with my help).

Yes, it's a handheld male stroker, but I haven’t told you the best, juicy stuff yet.

This sex toy has certain features that will blow your mind and cock right off for a massive orgasm.

3. The Launch by Fleshlight & Kiiroo

top male sex toys fleshlight launch

This is the third best male sex toy.

The hands-free and automatic masturbation toy is the perfect toy for the lazy, sexual glutton that wants to enjoy a good fuck, without having to exert themselves more than is necessary.

As we all know, when it comes to sex these are the best guys.

Had it not been for such guys we would never have such a beautiful masturbating toy – It has the built-in capacity to go online to search for POV and VR porn content, and then providing an automated blowjob (you can also set it to SOLO mode)

No kidding, the next top male sex toy is undoubtedly the Fleshlight Launch – allowing real-life experiences, you can go where no man has gone before: With this toy, you get to visit the world of hands-free masturbation where volcanic orgasms are the norm!

4. Autoblow 2

men sex toys autoblow 2

We have never hidden the fact that we love a terrific blowjob, and so it is not a surprise that we decide to review the AutoBlow 2 device.

It is the fourth best male sex toy.

The robotic mouth comes with two textured rings resembling the lips, which slide up and down the penis without needing any manual action.

It also does come with internal textured sleeves that can be customized and interchanged according to your tastes.

Moreover, besides being surprisingly durable, you never have to buy any batteries no matter how much you masturbate.

As one of the mid-price toys reviewed, the AutoBlow 2 is an improvement on the original AutoBlow that was credited with getting half of the men in the world packing their girlfriend’s things and leaving them by the door.

Best Male Sex Toy: Fleshlight

5. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

top male sex toys fleshlight stamina training unit

Always wanted to last longer and could not find something to help you do it? Well, your search has come to an end!

The Fleshlight is called the Stamina Training Unit, as it provides such high-grade intensity that you will cum no matter what.

After using it for a while, your dick will become a pro due to the tease and tickle of the interchangeable SuperSkin sleeves.

A proudly American product, the Fleshlight has made a name for itself as a durable, unadulterated, pure high-quality toy that you will love.

If you are in the market for the best fleshlight model, this should be very high on your shopping list.

It is not designed for play per say couple games nor is it a hands-free masturbator, though it is one great design with a sexy design that has a lifelike orifice designed to look like your typical flashlight on top of the case (the name comes from the flashlight design).

Used together with the Fleshlight Launch our #2 recommended sex toy for men, this toy works wonders.

6. Fleshlight Turbo

top male sex toys fleshlight turbo

The Fleshlight Turbo provides some of the most realistic Ignition and Thrust. It comes complete with customized blowjobs that do not have the complaining, scraping and gagging that usually spoil the good moments.

There have been some negative reviews about the full-size Fleshlight, particularly regarding its bulk and weight, but we have found the weight to be a plus as it helps to get strong firm strokes, without breaking the toy or the dick.

No one wants to get their rock hard penis broken in half no matter how much pleasure you get from a sex toy.

This is why we like the solid build of these bastards that guarantee that nothing like that could ever happen.

7. Fleshlight Destroya

mens sex toys fleshlight destroya

The Destroya is one of the most penis-friendly toys.

With such an agreeable attitude towards dick, one has to wonder if it is any good where it matters.

In fact, this question went through our minds all the time while we took her orifices for a test run.

Our first stop was the three small rings of the opening before we moved to the 360-degree pleasure showground.

Just when we thought we had experienced all it had to offer, we discovered the row of fangs and rounded teeth that exerted a gentle tug on the cock.

By the way when we say “discovered”, we mean that literally.

Second Best Male Sex Toy: Tenga

8. Tenga Flip Zero EV

best male sex toy tenga flip zero ev

If you prefer your sex toys high tech, then you will love the Tenga Flip Zero EV which we have nicknamed "The iPhone of male sex toys".

If you are a man of classic tastes, then this will also be a good fit for you. The Flip Zero Electronic Vibration (EV) made by TENGA is a universal masturbator that packs enough punch to please old-school masturbators with traditional tastes, and also the trendier techies who want to try out new things.

The quality of the sex toy almost made us think that the sex toy gods had a conference and decided to develop the best toy to cure once and for all the ills in sex toys.

At least, that is what I thought when I first used the toy.

With such excellent design and function, the Tenga Flip Zero makes its compatriots in the TENGA brand look like expensive garbage, making one wonder how the company can improve on such a good product.

I am not saying that it is perfect, it’s just that the imperfections that I have found are so minor that anyone that makes noise about them just needs to fuck off.

Guys this is the thing we have always wanted on the market.

If there was ever a product where you need to put your money where your cock is, then this is it.

9. Cobra Libre II

men sex toys cobra libre 2

The Cobra Libre II takes the prize as best corona stimulation toy we tested for quite a while.

In combination with a vibrating cock ring, this should make for one hell of a fuck, if it is not as pleasurable just as it is.

However, giving a rating for this masturbation machine was not easy as the design is not one we have experience with.

Nonetheless, the more we tested it and compared notes, the more we realized that the high rating we had given it was well deserved.

On a sliding scale the masturbating toy scores 8 every time it is put to the test.

10. Lovense Max

best male sex toy lovesense max

The Max comes with an out of this world vibrating sequence that in combination with a patent air pump design, causes some of the most realistic undulation and oscillations on the penis shaft. To top it all off the realistic blowjob sensation comes with an air vent so that you can customize and control suction to your liking.

For a sex toy small enough that it could easily go into the bedside drawer, it is not that bad a deal.

Moreover, the toy is compatible with Bluetooth and you can recharge its batteries.

Why do I need Bluetooth in my sex toy you ask? Well, the bastard makes it easy to remotely play with your lover so that you can add spice to a long distance relationship.

Nonetheless, your lover also needs to have either the Nora or Max version of the Lovense. As such, you may have to purchase this gift for your lover which may not be in your budget. That being said, almost any comparable product in the market will also have this requirement.

It is still one of the most affordable options if you do not have the budget for a more expensive option.

11. Lelo Hugo

best male sex toys lelo hugo

Our dicks often need a break and there is nothing better than a good prostate manager to change things up.

We experimented with the Lelo Hugo and we have to say that we totally loved the automatic response to body movement of its SenseMotion remote.

It is a toy that can be worn during intercourse or discretely by the man who loves a good tickle in the asshole. You got to try this one out before passing any judgment.

The best thing about the Lelo Hugo is that it is made for all experience levels. The six vibe modes that are easily rechargeable from the USB port offers some of the best p-spot stimulation of any comparable toy.

Remember to spray on some water-based lube before you use the Lelo, as the 120 minutes of playtime may result in an uncomfortable tug if you are not wet enough.

12. Hot Octopuss Pulse III

top sex toys hot octopuss pulse 3

Another great option for us lazy folk is the Hot Octopuss Pulse III, which does its job exceptionally well. Even though the magic happens on the inside, the machine comes with a durable and smooth outer coating made of silicon. It also does come with 5 different vibration modes so that you can customize your play time. The only downside that we found is that it does not have as much power as the other options.

We found out that the Hot Octopuss works its magic by an innovative thingy called oscillating pulse plate technology”. In combination with the springy wings, the feature opens to receive your dick fully encompassing it for pleasurable hands-free masturbation. In other words, you could decide to go manual and stimulate your cock by sliding it up and down, or you could just strap it on and let it do its thing. Talk about being versatile. Check me out ma, am riding hands-free!

13. Sayberx

best sex toys sayberx

The new thing in town is the SayberX which we think is a product of downtrodden masturbators who decided to try and design their own machine, rebelling against the existing Gods of Good Sex. Surprisingly, the initial kinks and snags have all been smoothed out nicely before it was released to the public. It was such a relief to get the news that we scrambled to provide an honest review as we always do. In all fairness, we were set to give the makes hell for daring to produce such an ambitious product.

After testing out the product we found the SayberX to be very much as advertised. It comes with a well-made plastic casing which feels lightweight yet durable – you could almost say it was made by NASA for something more PG. The toy also comes with a hands-free setting that uses an automatic drive system. Moreover, one can also purchase a Bluetooth compatible silicone sexy ring for their partners. The sexy ring reacts to the spontaneous motions of the wearer.

14. Fuck Me Silly

top sex toy fuck me silly

OK guys, if you are on the lookout for an alternative to Pornhub’s blockbuster Cyberskin Twerking Butt then Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly may just be what you are looking for. However, you should know that it does not come with the high-end features of its higher-priced counterpart. But, you still get a life-sized ass and pussy sculpture that weighs 7kg to fuck silly.

The sex toy’s two canals do not vibrate or heat up as they use FantaFlesh material, the brand’s patented material made just for its sex toys. With sensation enhancing ribs, the canals provide the best feel when combined with a water based lube, the first batch of which you will get free together with the toy cleaner from the manufacturer.

15. Fleshskins Grip

top sex toy fleshskins grip

The days of getting an unenthusiastic hand job from a hooker in a grimy alley are long gone, given that there are better options for less than $40. The folk at Fleshlight have come up with a frugal alternative that’s both affordable and affluent – the Fleshkins Blue Ice. This is a great toy for you if you prefer semitransparent and compact machines rather than the large in charge toys that the brand is known for. With this toy, you can take control of your shaft in all manner of ways. With all the features on offer, you will struggle to find a slut who will provide such value.

Called the “sleeve only" toy the beast reminds me of the cream in the center of my favorite Oreo cookie. The Blue Ice jiggles and wriggles to your rhythm making it easier to beat and squeeze your shaft like it owes you money. Designed by the masturbation master, the soft skin material that approximates real skin better than anything out there. It allows you and your partner to have better control, even as it makes discretion a lot easier.

Penis Pumps

16. Bathmate Hydromax

top sex toys hydromax bathmate

Ok, so this one is technically not a men's sex toy.

But it still feels good and actually adds size to your penis.

The top penis pumps do work, but only if you get the brand ones that focus on quality, not quantity.

Look for the ones made of medical grade silicon or polycarbonate plastic.

Also make sure it has a lifetime warranty. Typically Bathmate Hydromax is the only seller that offers this.

I can honestly say the guys behind Bathmate are extremely dedicated, and the high price is definitely worth it.

We-Vibe Verge

mens sex toy we vibe verge

While it looks like some little plastic ring you put on your shaft to make you last longer, it is more than that.

In fact, the toy is made for exactly the opposite purpose.

The sex toy comes with an ergonomic pendulum shaped design that made of very stretchy skin safe silicone that is typical of many other similar products.

The We-Vibe is the smoothest shit ever and we never did experience any snagging or skin pulling at any point.

Moreover, the unique bends and curves are designed to provide a perfect fit on the hypersensitive perineum.

With 10 different vibratory modes, you can turn on the toy and explore each mode using a single button on the toy or if not, you can control it through an app, which can be handy for long distance deprivation.


mens sex toys vstroker

Alongside your favorite Fleshlight masturbator, the VStroker can be one of the best toys you could ever get.

It is a detachable/attachable accessory that adds style to your party without messing up your pace.

What makes this so great is that it makes it easy for you to go virtual and fuck your fantasy pussies, though it is also good for a variety of uses including playing stamina training games.

With VStroker, you get to leave guitar hero to the kids while you go on to rank #1 in the world!

It also works very well in combination with Fleshlight Girls lineup or Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.


mens sex toys fleshjack

The name Fleshjack comes from the real-life feel of the flesh like sleeve that is found inside the case.

The fleshy material is fully contained inside the device, whose design looks like your typical around the house flashlight.

The Fleshjack was recently released by Interactive Lifeforms as an introductory product meant to entice and satisfy the needs of the gay male community.

We do believe that the Fleshjack has so far done a good job at fulfilling the needs of the demographic.

Best Male Sex Toys

Guys, there you have it.

We know that the market for sex toys has thousands of products for men but we think we have reviewed the ones that you will enjoy the most.

While experiences will vary from person to person, the toys we have reviewed offer a range of satisfying experiences to fit every dick’s tastes.

Make sure to go through each review of the toys listed above to get a good understanding of what would be the most suitable for your needs.

"Hey there :) , here's free shipping on this Bathmate pump, all on me."
Kind regards, Nikki

Maybe later

"Hey there :), here's free shipping on this Bathmate pump, all on me."
Kind regards, Nikki

Maybe later